SHAPE CODE® Best Flavours 10*3g

SHAPE CODE® Slim Shake Best Flavours is a set of 10 flavour sachets in 5 flavours, intended for use as an additive to SHAPE CODE® Slim Shake nutritional cocktail. Foodstuff containing only natural flavours and dietary fibre. Add your favourite flavour to your cocktail and learn the true wealth of SHAPE CODE® Slim Shake tastes!

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SHAPE CODE® Best Flavours Start today!
Every day a different flavour of SHAPE CODE® Slim Shake?
Right before consumption, you can add a chosen natural flavour to your classic vanilla and cream cocktail and experiment!
Freely change the taste of your
SHAPE CODE® Slim Shake nutritional cocktail by adding one of the following flavours:

Flavour sachet 3 g

Salted caramel
Flavour sachet 3 g

Flavour sachet 3 g

Flavour sachet 3 g

Strawberry and cream
Flavour sachet 3 g
You can also add fresh fruit or vegetables to your cocktail and blend it before consumption.
SHAPE CODE® Slim Shake Best Flavours contains two flavours in each taste.
Read about the unique features distinguishing
SHAPE CODE® Slim Shake Best Flavours:

100% natural


Natural flavours

Natural sweetener

No added sugar

Suitable for vegans
How to prepare your favourite cocktail?

Add the whole content of a chosen SHAPE CODE® Best Flavours (3 g) sachet to the previously prepared SHAPE CODE® Slim Shake cocktail, which can be prepared on the basis of milk or plant drink.

Shake well.

Enjoy the brand new taste of your cocktail!

Consume thus prepared cocktail in your favourite flavour 1-2 times per day.

The content of SHAPE CODE® Best Flavours sachets should be consumed only when it has been mixed with SHAPE CODE® Slim Shake nutritional cocktail.


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