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We have been observing dynamic changes in our economy. It has been shaped mostly by the rapid technology and ICT development, which makes work and everyday life easier. The world becomes more homogeneous- borders have practically ceased to exist and common currencies, legal regulations and laws have made it even easier. The world is often called a Global Village. All these factors allow to create a new definition of New Economy. There are less complicated company’s organization structures which make employees harder to get promoted. The experts claim that people are going to change their place of work every 4-5 years on average and every 7 years even professions. This is the reason why there has already been functioning the idea of McWork. Business, management, marketing and economics change rapidly. In 2014 Robert D. Hof wrote for Business Week that, “All we have thought we know about business is being questioned.” From the economic point of view this situation becomes a big chance but also a challenge- competitiveness gets a new meaning. This is the reason why experts are still looking for new and better solutions which would allow each person to generate income and, simultaneously, preserve a healthy lifestyle. Important issue is to find such a way of earning money that would give a long-term stability and safety.


For many years we have known various solutions, like classic business, corporate business, franchise or multi-level marketing. All of them have many advantages but also disadvantages, which seem to be more burdensome nowadays. SoftMarketing is something that comes to the surface- the revolution in business thinking. It combines the best solutions of all mentioned areas with simultaneous elimination of their drawbacks. SoftMarketing is defined as business of the 21st or even 22nd century and is the answer to dynamic requirements of the changing market and becomes an alternative for businessmen and full-time workers. It becomes a chance to expand business activity for businessmen. It can be a source of the additional or main income for both groups, which do not have to give up their current activities, employ new people or invest a lot of money.

Main assumptions of SoftMarketing in DuoLife


1st foundation is an effective generation of income- it is a system of remuneration taken from the multi-level marketing. It allows the project participants to get a commission from the commodity turnover which is generated by the structure of company co-workers. For people who turn to be especially ambitious and active there is a special promotion and motivation program taken from corporate business. Its main advantages include:
– no limits concerning the amount of earned money
– passive character of received income, which means income received for a longer period of time for the single performed activity, with no necessity to perform further actions, so called Rentier Income
– full freedom concerning the schedule and scope of work


2nd foundation says to base operations on business/industry which belongs to global trends.
Trends show direction of the global development. This is the reason why it is there that a man should look for economic opportunities. Currently, one of the most dynamic developing trends is wellness.

Wellness understood as health, good mental and physical condition and slim figure depends only on ourselves. Each of us wants to be healthy, look well and feel full of energy every day. That is why it is so important to care for proper condition of our body consciously.

HOW DOES IT WORK? - Wellness industry shows annual 30% growth on average - DuoLife functioning on the basis of SoftMarketing develops much faster and attracts people from different environments representing different economic condition. Numerous successes of people who cooperate with DuoLife prove the effectiveness of the company. REACH FOR SAFETY USE YOUR POSSIBILITIES FULLY EARN MORE

We have noted growing number of dangerous aspects threatening our health nowadays, among which we can name: vegetables and fruit consisting of less mineral elements, food chemistry that has become inseparable element of our diet die, bad eating habits, stress and sedentary lifestyle. All this is the cause of growing number of people suffering from civilization diseases- even young people are sick and they go seed. Experts alarm that if nothing changes, our children will live even 5 years shorter than us. Therefore, it is so important to inform about dangers and possible solutions, but also to inspire to physical activity and to supply modern highest quality products that would allow to preserve and even improve health condition. In order to meet such expectations, DuoLife offers products created on the basis of the latest researches in the field of biology and medicine. They support general psychomotorics of organism and they are the answer to typical diseases and problems.

3rd foundation – means personal development- effective system of developing both business and empowerment. The key element here is a development program created by well-known couches, trainers and psychologists centered around Personal Excellence Network company. This program supports DuoLife partners in their professional and personal life and helps to move from point “A” to point “B” as quickly as possible and set and achieve further ambitious goals.

Everybody needs development. However, achieving financial, professional and personal success often depends on proper professional knowledge, interpersonal skills and proper way of thinking. Unfortunately, many people show limits in this area which results in no success or time-limited success. That is the reason why personal development is the key element both for DuoLife operations and the concept of SoftMarketing™. What counts is that, in the contrary to most of companies organizing single trainings, an advanced and complex development program is available here.


Man is in the limelight together with his aims, aspirations and potential.


Thanks to flexible approach, individual solutions are created for each business. They allow to combine possibilities that are offered by DuoLife together with other things offered by almost each company, which increases DuoLife competitiveness and possibilities.



This assumption is performed through supporting and contributing to “Live Consciously” program. Its aim is to build up a need for a better and more conscious life and to inspire people to undertake actions that support the program. “Live Consciously” connects different social environments, people and organizations, starting from nationwide media through local governing bodies and scientific environment to end up with famous and influential people. Conferences, speeches and workshops are a part of the program.
Supporting physical and mental health, – personal development and ability to take care of financial situation, we allow to lead a more conscious and happy life.


In order to gain success in business nowadays it is not enough to have a good product. It is crucial to inform about the product and values it stands for. That is why DuoLife is present in media which both promote the products and values they support.


– Wellness industry shows annual 30% growth on average
– DuoLife functioning on the basis of SoftMarketing develops much faster and attracts people from different environments representing different economic condition. Numerous successes of people who cooperate with DuoLife prove the effectiveness of the company.