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The BEAUTY SET Scientific discussion and research on the preservation of beauty and youth date back to the ancient times. Early studies became a basic reference which is consistent with…

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Scientific discussion and research on the preservation of beauty and youth date back to the ancient times. Early studies became a basic reference which is consistent with today’s argument that the appearance largely depends on a daily diet. Lack of vitamins and a diet which is poor in micronutrients, quickly causes deterioration of the physical appearance. Over the past few years, more and more people have become interested in skin aging and its prevention. Scientists turned their attention to the issue of the ‘biological aging’ which means that with age our body is less and less able to respond to environmental stress. That is why, the internal balance of the body is lost, which results in brittle and dry hair, brittle and splitting nails, and the skin which turns pale and gray. The body needs to be supplemented from the inside with necessary vitamins and microelements. The selected DuoLife products included in the Beauty Set work as nutricosmetics that improve the body function, and the condition of hair, skin and nails.

Biological clock BEAUTY:

8:00 – 25 ml of DuoLife Day before a meal
8:30 – 2 capsules of ProDeacid Medical Formula and 25 ml of Collagen DuoLife
10:00 – 25 ml of Aloe DuoLife + 25 ml of Vita C
14:00 – 5 ml of RegenOil Liquid Gold + 20 ml of Chlorophyll DuoLife
19:00 – 25 ml of DuoLife Night before a meal*

The Pack includes:

1pc. – Collagen (750 ml),
1pc. – Aloe (750 ml),
1pc. – ProDeacid (60 capsules),
1pc. – Chlorophyll (750 ml),
1pc. – VitaC (750 ml),
1pc. – DuoLife Day and Night (Day 750 ml + Night 750 ml),
1pc. – RegenOil Liquid Gold (250 ml)

Do you need to know more ?

Our diet has a huge influence on our looks. Unless it contains vitamins and microelements, our appearance deteriorates over time. The preservation of beauty and youth is an important issue, and it was known and studied even in the ancient world. Researchers, scientists, the mighty and the wealthy have been looking into this matter, and over the last several years, the issue of the skins ageing and methods of its prevention have been gaining more and more attention. Researchers seek new methods to preserve youth and improve beauty, as science has already expanded the average human life-span. Moreover, human social, sexual and physical activity have also increased.

Skin ageing process is linked to a decreased production of fibroblasts. It cannot be stopped because it is a natural age-related process. Fibroblasts are the cells responsible for generating major substances for the youthful skin: collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, and ageing causes a decline in the their production capacity. Metabolic and replication functions also decline, and the cell renewal process slows down significantly. Visible wrinkles appear on the skin. It becomes dry and less firm because collagen and elastin fibers lose their elasticity and extensibility. Moreover, the amount of hyaluronic acid also decreases.

External factors, such as, pollution, ionizing and UV radiation, and internal factors including hormones and metabolic processes, influence the complex process of skin ageing. UV radiation increases the expression of the extracellular matrix metalloproteinases in the skin, which leads to collagen fiber fragmentation.

Disruption of the fibroblasts activity, caused by an age-related reduction in collagen synthesis, negatively affects the properties of the collagen fibers which become thinner and shorter. It also causes elevated concentration of the matrix metalloproteinases. Collagen fibers become disorganized and irregular, and there is a change in the ratio of type III to type I collagen. The collagen level in the skin begins to drop by 1%, each year.

Long-term skin exposure to solar radiation results in skin changes, mainly in the areas exposed to a direct sunlight. Their more frequent occurrence and more evident appearance are caused by the processes described above, which result in structural and physiological changes in every layer of the skin.

The impact of external factors leads to the formation of free radicals in the skin which promotes a destruction of lipids and the violation of the layers of the epidermis. Then the skin loses its elasticity, and deep wrinkles and discolored patches appear. When the protective barrier created by lipids, whose aim is to protect from external harmful factors, is violated, the condition of the skin significantly deteriorates. It results in a disruption of cellular function and a destruction of the enzymes, and consequently, in a damage to collagen and elastin. This is also an effect of free radicals which attack proteins found in the cell membrane.

The pace of skin aging increases because the peptide bond is destroyed and the structure of the protein – disrupted.

The period of fibroblasts activation can be extended. A proper skin care is crucial, as well as the appropriate skin care methods that work from the inside and provide the skin with necessary components. Passing time induces biological aging, i.e. a decline in the body’s capacity to react to environmental stress. As a result the body loses its internal balance. Hair and nails become brittle and dry, and the skin turns gray. Unless the body gets enough vitamins and microelements, the application of only the external care to the skin proves to be ineffective. If you decide to use the offered DuoLife products that work like nutricosmetics from the inside out, you can take care of your hair, skin and nails, make your body look better, and improve its function.


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