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The DuoLife SIGHT SET is a perfectly selected composition of products supporting the functioning of the body and it is adapted to the circadian rhythm. • with information about the general indication • the recommended method of consumption • with the recommended supplementation time • with dietary recommendations and a 7-day diet

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The knowledge we obtain about the world around us depends on our senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight. Losing the ability to use of only one of the senses would mean a person is unable to gain tons of information supplied by this sense. Among the five senses, sight is the most valuable one; it is responsible for visual information processing. The sense of sight receives almost 90% of incoming information. Therefore, our eyes are extremely important to us. Currently, the organ of sight has been affected by dramatic (environmental) changes whose causes include rapid technological development and the increased level of pollution. As a result there are problems with maintaining a normal sight process, the occurrence of congenital and acquired visual impairment and other symptoms, such as: the symptoms of eye fatigue, corneal opacification, and periorbital dark circles. We are able to support the eyes function applying properly selected supplementation. We recommend the products included in the Eyes Set. They are composed of the substances which help to improve the condition of the organ of sight and support its protection.

Biological clock SIGHT:

8:00 –25 ml of DuoLife Day before a meal
8:30 – 1 capsule of ProOptical
10:00 – 2 capsules of ProStik + 25 ml of Vita C
14:00 – 5 ml of RegenOil Liquid Gold
19:00 – 25 ml of DuoLife Night before a meal*

The Pack includes:

1pc. – Vita C (750 ml),
1pc. – ProOptical (30 capsules),
1pc. – ProStik (60 capsules),
1pc. – DuoLife Day and Night (Day750 ml + Night 750 ml),
1pc. – RegenOil Liquid Gold (250 ml)

Do you need to know more ?

In our body, the process of seeing is performed by the sense receiving about 90% of all incoming information. The image is created by photosensitive cells (photoreceptors) located in the retina of the eyeball. Everything we know about the world depends on our senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight. If only one of these paths of receiving knowledge was closed, we would lose a lot of valuable information. The sense of sight is crucial for us. The pace of technological development, especially in the 20th century, made the human ability to adapt biologically to the changes lag behind. Consider tens of thousands of years when human eyes were used exactly for such purposes as nature intended them for: work and pleasure, primarily associated with sunlight and looking at certain distances.

A new era followed the industrial revolution and the spread of the written word. Technological development brings more and more demands to our eyes. The eyes are unable to keep up with the rapid changes. We have to look into the distance, use artificial light, and within a fraction of a second direct our eyes to objects that are very close to us. We do activities that require precision. We read for hours, scan the text with our eyes, look at it at night, try to adapt it quickly to various light intensity and almost constantly change the viewing angle. A large amount of industrial dust and other pollutants constantly irritate the eye mucous membrane. Not to mention another issue that the stress-inducing factors of the modern lifestyle yet intensify these eye-related problems. All negative effects of our civilization worsen any birth defects related to eye-sight. They also induce symptoms that we perceive as the manifestation of these defects: headaches, tired eyes, cloudy eyes, chronic swelling, etc. It is naïve to expect that the eyes will cope with all these problems on their own, without any help.

What can we do today to protect and strengthen our eyes? We must support our eyes in all possible ways: make our body strong and healthy, compensate for the mechanical defects by wearing/using the available optical devises, and follow a natural sight protection program, including the latest scientific advances contained in DuoLife products.


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