What is Chlorophyll to drink?

What is Chlorophyll to drink?

Green light for health!

Chlorophyll in ancient times was considered a “healer” who treated many serious diseases. Our body needs a lot of oxygen, and the green fluid is the best medium. If we eat green vegetables, drink green juices or take chlorophyll tablets or supplements will ensure the proper oxygen transport to the cells.

Chlorophyll is the green pigment of plants. It is responsible for converting sunlight into energy. Its structure resembles hemoglobin – the red blood pigment. Therefore, the green pigment in plants is often called “blood products”.
The more green pigment and oxygen in the body, the better the bacterial flora in the intestines. Consuming “blood products” supports the process of the treatment of atherosclerosis. It is also recognized as a cancer treating drug, because it prevents the occurrence of pathological changes in our DNA and inhibits the transformation of normal cells into cancer cells.
Health benefits of chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is known that reducing the need for insulin. It has a cleansing action (supports the process of cleansing the liver and intestines), removes toxins from the body, including heavy metals. Rebuilds and cleanses the blood, increases its clotting, regulates blood pressure and strengthens the cardiovascular system. It helps women regulate menstrual cycle. Supports proper functioning of the thyroid and pancreas. Removes carcinogens, ie. Carcinogens. Neutralizes the harmful effects of protein and body odor. Regular consumption of green pigment, strengthen our bodies and positive impact on our immune system. “The blood of plants” is a source of energy and helps in the treatment of anemia. In addition, it stimulates lactation in nursing mothers. In addition, a regenerating effect affects the renewal of cells and destroys free radicals, which are responsible for skin aging. It stimulates the production of vitamin A, E and K. It is also an ideal means to combat the acidification of the body.

Dietary supplement – Liquid Chlorophyll

Currently, the most common form of chlorophyll, from this drinking. There are several specificities on the market, which consist of the various essential nutrients. The most common of such supplements include: barley (responsible for acid-base balance in the body), chlorella (the largest source of chlorophyll, rich in amino acids, cleansing the body) and alfalfa rich in protein. Such a supplement can be used when you want to regenerate the whole organism (learn more at: composition and scientific opinion) Taking the flowing form of the supplement can be a quick way to ensure their health for the whole day!
Chlorella – the richest source of chlorophyll

Chlorella is recommended for people who have problems with bowel and liver. They might also use smokers and drinkers. Chlorella is a green algae from the Far East and is the richest source of green pigment all over the planet (from 3 to 5% pure chlorophyll). It is characterized by a deep green color and has valuable medicinal properties. It is a valuable material, which facilitates regeneration and cleanses the body. It is used in problems with the nervous system. Is known for its detoxifying properties – it helps rid the body of mercury deposits.
The use of chloro fi lu

It is used by sore throat, inflammation of the skin, problems with joints. It is also helpful in the treatment of varicose ulcers. As mentioned earlier, the “blood of plants” improves the function of liver, thyroid and bowel. It is worth to apply it in your diet. It is especially recommended in the diet for diabetics, because it reduces in them the need for insulin. It supports the development of beneficial bacterial flora.
Increasingly, it is used in cosmetics. His appearance in the composition makes the prestigious cosmetic. It is a natural alternative to harmful and artificial dyes. It is used in manufacturing soaps, creams, perfumes, cosmetic color. Ideally suited to the creams for oily skin, mixed gray and tired – it will nourish, oxygenate, strengthen blood vessels. Thanks to its antiseptic properties, enhances the effect of deodorant. In addition, perfectly moisturizes, it affects faster regeneration of damaged skin, makes wounds heal faster.



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