DuoLife Keratin Hair Complex Advanced Formula Conditioner 200ml

DuoLife Keratin Hair Complex Advanced Formula Conditioner is a revitalizing SOS for hair. The unique combination of active ingredients such as coconut oil, guava leaves and nettle leaves extract, horsetail herb extract, raspberry extract, soluble keratin, panthenol and shea butter have created a new dimension in hair care that is ideally suited to use in the form revitalizing conditioner or regenerating mask.

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DuoLife Keratin Hair Complex Conditioner Advanced Formula is an recommendation for falling out, dry, damaged, with split ends and lack of shine hair. The elixir (composed of 8 active ingredients, i.e. panthenol, guava leaf extract, horsetail herb, nettle leaf extract, soluble keratin, shea butter, coconut oil, raspberry extract) is an intensive therapy for your hair.

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A comprehensive and holistic approach to the issue of caring for health and the body has resulted in the creation of a line of body care cosmetics of DuoLife Beauty Care, while also giving rise to further exploration, towards optimal care for hair and scalp.
The result of this work is the new Advanced Fomula cosmetics line. This is an exclusive and intelligent technology created to achieve exceptional results. A concentrated formula and richness of active ingredients. Designed to maintain a healthy scalp and to protect and care for hair. For revitalization, regeneration and nutrition.

The Advanced Formula line was created for hair care and protection ritual in two steps:

Step one – shampoo. DuoLife Keratin Hair Complex Advanced Formula Shampoo.
Step two – conditioner. DuoLife Keratin Hair Complex Advanced Formula Conditioner.

The Advanced Formula line products is the perfect complement to a dietary supplement of DuoLife Kertain Hair Complex . The combination of the benefits of the liquid preparation with the unique properties of shampoo and conditioner will allow you to comprehensively take care of the health and proper condition of your hair and scalp and maximize mutual effects. Shampoo and conditioner are ideal products for everyday use.

Experience in creating dietary supplements from the Liquid Formula and Medical Formula series has allowed us to focus on natural solutions once again. The scalp and hair care we offer is based on nature – Powered by Nature!

Emphasizing the natural origin of ingredients, the shampoo and conditioner recipes were based on certified raw materials, approved for use in natural cosmetics by international certification organizations ECOCERT / COSMOS. ECOCERT and COSMOS are a sign of quality and trust in the standardization of natural cosmetics.

The method for determining the naturalness of cosmetic products is the method contained in the ISO 16128 Standard. This standard defines ingredients of natural origin and introduces the so-called naturalness index of the cosmetic. DuoLife Keratin Hair Complex products have a very high natural index – in the case of shampoo it is 90.5%, while the conditioner is 95%, resulting from the use of natural, certified ingredients.

DuoLife Keratin Hair Complex Advanced Formula Conditioner is the second step towards healthy, shiny and properly nourished hair. Its composition contains up to a dozen active substances and strength flowing straight from nature!
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Meet the valuable ingredients of the conditioner:

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Panthenol (provitamin B5)¹⁻³ -It penetrates the hair, transforming into vitamin B5, which:
Rebuilds the hair structure

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Guava Leaf Extract

Keeps hair shine by strengthening its structure
It cleans, moisturizes

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Horsetail herb⁴⁻⁶

Protects against hair loss
Gives shine
Prevents graying of hair
Supports the fight against dandruff

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Nettle leaf extract

Has a toning and remineralizing effect
Soothes irritations

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Soluble Keratin

Gives hair shine
Prevents frizz and split ends
It supports the maintenance of the barrier function of the scalp and hair
It protects hair and skin against excessive water loss

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Coconut oil⁷⁻¹⁰

It closes the cuticle and supports the reconstruction of its structure
Strengthens hair
Nourishes the skin supporting the fight against dandruff

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Shea butter

Regenerates damaged hair
Softens and moisturizes the scalp, soothes irritations
Protects against weathering (UV) – gives elasticity and softness to the hair

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Raspberry Extract

Refreshes and gives a beautiful fragrance

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Multifunctionality of use:

1. In the form of a conditioner – apply a walnut-sized portion to damp hair for 1-2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water. Use for daily care and easy combing, without weighing your hair down.

2. In the form of a mask – apply generously to washed, damp, slightly towel-dried hair. Leave for 5 – 10 minutes. To strengthen the effect, we recommend covering the head with a plastic cap and wrapping it in a warm turban from a towel. Then rinse your hair thoroughly and thoroughly with warm, but not hot water. Use for nourishing hair and for intensive protection.


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