beeSnap 14 mix bars

Hi5! bars are a functional answer to daily challenges. Seven different bars for each day of the week which are always close at hand. The Hi5! brand is all good!

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Why Hi5!

Because this product is all good (power of good) in five dimensions:


Hi5! bars were developed with simple and healthy composition of good quality in mind. All good, straight from nature… a combination of healthful honey, which accompanies man since ages, with a state-of-the-art process of food preservation – lyophilisation and innovative method of puffing which is used to dry the remaining fruits which don’t undergo lyophilisation. Thanks to those two processes, the fruits don’t lose their scent, flavour and nutritional values.





Good because local – made of Polish honey, hand-made by a Polish company 100% Polish pure honey was used to produce the bars. With love to nature and in a Polish manufactory – that’s how Hi5! bars are made. We personally know beekeepers who care for bees and production of honey used to make our bars. We carefully supervise the entire production process in order to ensure high quality standards.


Good because there are no additives no additives which are frequently added to food, but are harmful to health


Because they are simple and perfect to take them with you anywhere you go. A good, healthy snack for any time of day! It’s as easy as high five! Take&go!


Good because we contribute to making a better world – we’re building a house for bees. Bees are of great importance to the world. That’s why, we believe that our mission is to protect them.
Bars are sold in Bee Snap bulk packs containing 14 bars (two of each flavour).


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