Chlorophyll and its green power. What does it help?

Chlorophyll and its green power. What does it help?

Chlorophyll is a compound that makes vegetables and fruits green. It is responsible for the photosynthesis process taking place in plants, the products of which are carbohydrates and oxygen. When consumed by humans, it provides many health benefits. It strengthens immunity, supports the functioning of the intestines and allows you to get rid of unpleasant smell from the mouth. In what products can you find it? Check it out!

  1. Chlorophyll – What is it?
  2. Chlorophyll – what properties does it have
  3.  Chlorophyll to cleanse the body
  4. Chlorophyll to strengthen the body
  5. Chlorophyll to support immunity

Chlorophyll – What is it?

Chlorophyll is an organic compound found in plants, vegetables, algae and photosynthetic bacteria. It gives the plants a characteristic green color. Chlorophyll is essential for photosynthesis, it allows plants to draw energy from sunlight and turn it into oxygen and carbohydrates. It also provides our body with many benefits.

Chlorophyll can be found in green vegetables and fruits, algae, large amounts of chlorophyll can also be provided by appropriate supplements.

Chlorophyll – what properties does it have

Chlorophyll has bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and regenerative properties. Chlorophyll has also been proven to have anti-cancer properties. A study published in Food and Chemical Toxicology shows that it may protect against small amounts of carcinogens. This compound also strengthens our immunity, improves blood clotting, and lowers sugar levels.

Chlorophyll is a strong antioxidant, protects our body against free radicals and slows down the aging process.

Chlorophyll also supports those who want to maintain a healthy weight – it reduces appetite, supports the functioning of the intestines, cares for the bacterial flora and reduces the risk of constipation. By eating plenty of green vegetables, you’ll help your body maintain an acid-base balance.

Chlorophyll also helps to get rid of bad breath (it is found in many toothpastes) and prevents inflammation in the mouth.
Chlorophyll to cleanse the body

The main component of chlorophyll is sodium-copper chlorophyllin obtained from alfalfa and mulberry, the structure of which resembles hemoglobin.

Chlorophyll supplied to the body increases the production of oxygen. As a result, the cells are oxygenated, and the processes of detoxification in the body run more efficiently.

Chlorophyll to strengthen the body

Natural chlorophyll reduces the acidity of the body’s internal environment and prevents the multiplication of microorganisms and fungi. Additionally, it has properties that strengthen the immune system.

Liquid chlorophyll increases energy and improves mood.

Chlorophyll to support immunity

Chlorella is a South Korean algae that is a rich source of vitamins and trace elements such as B vitamins, vitamins A, C and E, as well as Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, selenium and iodine.

Chlorella also contains a lot of chlorophyll, more than green plants. As a result, it strengthens immunity.


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