What is Grounding

What is Grounding – Earthing

Earthing, grounding, earthing, what is it actually associated with? A lightning rod, a power outlet and that was it. Human grounding? Hmm. But how? In everyday life, we often forget that we are part of a whole, that there are laws of nature and physics. The human body is largely composed of water and minerals, which is why we are such a good conductor of electricity.

How to ground yourself?

We always walk on our feet, the sole of the shoe separates us from the ground. The easiest way is to just take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the ground. Bathing in natural water reservoirs not only has a relaxing effect, it also grounds our body.

If, for various reasons (an apartment on the 10th floor, no garden or a long Polish winter), we cannot practice natural grounding, inventions such as grounding sheets, bands, mats or grounding flip-flops come in handy. These are not cheap products, because you have to pay over 150e for a sheet.
Benefits of being grounded

Research conducted over the past few years (you can find it and read it carefully at https://www.duolife.ie/product/new-earthing-grounding-sheet/  talks about the positive effects of grounding, such as: a significant improvement in the quality of sleep, the relief of feelings of stress, anxiety and irritability. Additionally, research shows that with regular grounding, blood circulation improves, inflammation in the body diminishes, leading to less pain, if any (usually caused by inflammation).

Is it worth a try? Certainly at the next opportunity when I have the opportunity to go barefoot, of course I will, swimming in the lake – a pleasure! Earthing sheets and other gadgets probably do not convince me due to their price. Certainly, grounding yourself is not a panacea for all diseases, healthy, exercise, positive attitude are some of the ingredients of the well-being we strive for, right?

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