Vitamin C Counterclockwise

Vitamin C Counterclockwise

Vitamin C Counterclockwise

Vitamin C is one of the most vitamins. The universality of its application and generally prevailing belief that the appropriate dose may protect us from many diseases, it established her presence in folk medicine the majority of Polish families. What indeed it is not a question of recent years, from childhood because we were persuaded that this vitamin, usually closed in the form of a small yellow tablet will help us to safely pass through the autumn-winter period of turmoil.

Natural vitamin C, ascorbic acid vs

This belief is a lot of truth, vitamin C helps to quickly cope with a cold stimulating our immune system. Most important, however, it is to find a natural vitamin C. We must remember that what we buy in pharmacies is the most common ascorbic acid or L-ascorbic acid and the vitamin C is not. This is only isolate distillate naturally occurring therein, which besides, in its natural form comprises inter alia routine, bioflavonoids, tyrosinase or askorbinogen. If we notice the lack of any effect of these components and hence the activity of vitamin C has been completely suspended. This is due to the fact that this vitamin is done in the human body complex workflow associated with the delivery of nutrients, enzymes, antioxidants, minerals and activators. To this whole process was successful you are needed wholesome vitamin. Ascorbic acid can not fulfill this role only because it is a synthetic that is not found anywhere in nature and man-made. The fact is that it occurs also in natural vitamin C, but acts only as a kind of “protective packaging” for the other components of the vitamin. The ascorbic acid, which is most often encountered, the chemical derivative of corn starch, sulfuric acid and by-product.

Levorotatory vitamin C

Natural vitamin C is not only rich in all of the above ingredients but above all, it is left-handed, which enables its proper assimilation by the body. This natural nutrient is necessary for the proper conduct of a whole range of organic functions. Vitamin C plays a vital role in the functioning of the human body. He participates in the metabolism of tyrosine and the synthesis of adrenal steroids. It also has an impact on the behavior of normal oxidative potential in the cells.

Symptoms of vitamin C

Humans do not produce vitamin C, therefore, it must be supplied to the organism with food or as a supplement. Symptoms of deficiency of this vitamin is .:
– Weakness, fast fatigue,
– Lack of appetite,
tendency to develop bruises
scarified and bleeding gums,
difficulty in wound healing
muscle and joint pain.

However, this is only part of the symptoms. In cases of significant deficiencies, it may cause even scurvy, a disease which leaves considerable havoc in the human body, and in extreme cases even leading to death.

Remember, however, that in order to meet our daily requirement of natural vitamin C is no longer enough to eat one orange or drink a glass of juice. Due to the steadily declining amount of vitamins and minerals in fruits soon to guarantee themselves their optimal dose may become impossible. Therefore we reach the appropriate supplements, which will enable us to task. But remember to choose those rich in natural vitamin C, not synthetic ascorbic acid.

Only products that are natural extracts from fruits, which are considered real “vitamin bombs” can bring our expected results. It is worth to pay attention to those in their composition are primarily Acerola – because this is a real treasure trove of wholesome vitamin C. One of its fruit contains as much vitamin C as lemons kilogram, and its oxidative effects makes it among the best in plants, which soften the skin and prevent premature aging. It is this action caused that vitamin C commonly is sometimes called the “vitamin of youth”.

However, not only these fruits conceal the decks of vitamin C. Another of its treasure trove are even rose hips, which will further positively affect the vitality of the whole body cleanse it and neutralize the contents of the gastrointestinal tract.

The undisputed winner in this matter, however, are berries CamuCamu even called “super with bilberry”. This plant is an unquestionable record the content of Vitamin C. Fresh berries Camu-Camu contain min. 2500 mg of natural vitamin C 100g, which makes up 2-3% by weight.

Deciding so supplementation is worth so choose products with only natural composition, because only these are able to make up any shortfalls and to guarantee us complete assimilation.


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