How to overcome fear and anxiety?

How to overcome fear and anxiety?

“Courage is managing fear, not lack of fear” Mark Twain

Each of us is afraid of something. It is natural and human. It turns out that it often serves our protection, e.g. against falling, burns. But what if it prevents us from implementing our plans?

You can unlearn fear

All our fears are learned. We are not born with a fear of failure, public speaking, and rejection. So just as we have learned fear in some area, so can we unlearn it. Sometimes the help of a psychotherapist is needed, but not always.
Try to face your fears

Don’t back off saying “I can’t.” Try to overcome your anxiety, don’t hesitate to face the situation you are afraid of. Don’t let fear rob you of your strength and sense of dignity.
Imagine you’re not afraid

Control your way of thinking. Create a vision of how you overcome your fear and act confidently and effectively. When you saturate your mind with positive visions, you develop self-confidence. However, when you pursue a positive vision, you build courage.
Keep going towards fear

As you force yourself to confront your fear, it gets smaller and easier to control.
Be determined to remain persistent in working on yourself

Courage is not born in one day or one trial.

Remember, if you withdraw, anxiety will dominate the way you think and act

It is heartening to know that 99 percent of the disasters that we predict never happen. But the bad things we experience happen so quickly that we don’t have time to worry about them.

So, be self-disciplined and face your fears boldly!
Support needed

If, on the other hand, you would like to benefit from support in working with anxiety, I invite you to coaching and therapeutic sessions in Wrocław or Online.

I overcame this fear myself, so I believe that you will also succeed!

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