How do you want to feel?

How do you want to feel?

How are you? Do you want to feel this way?

Today I invite you to exercise for emotions – Program your brain to feel the way you want.

Part 1

Describe what your yesterday was like. List the most important events, decisions and situations
Now, for each event, describe as many emotions as possible, feelings that accompanied this situation (If you cannot name your emotions, use the attached list of emotions).
Now take a look at the emotions listed and mark which you think are negative and which are positive. For example, you can mark negative emotions over and over again.
 The more negative emotions you feel, the more you feel the pressure of subconscious fear that the situation may repeat itself.
The more positive emotions, the more we want to repeat these events.

Part 2

Now change the way it works. List 10 emotions you want to feel, experience tomorrow.

(you can use the attached List of emotions)

Once you have listed your emotions, answer and write:
What do you have to do tomorrow to feel like this?
How do you need to act to feel like this?
What decisions do you need to make to feel 10 listed emotions throughout the day?


        By carrying out part 2 of the exercise, we program our brains for this behavior. It is like setting a program in a washing machine to get a certain result. This is how our brain works. You only need to take advantage of it to be positive. This is called Self-fulfilling prophecy.

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