Smoothie for breakfast and for work: 4 ideas for a fit smoothie

Smoothie for breakfast and for work: 4 ideas for a fit smoothie

Smoothie for breakfast and for work: 4 ideas for a breakfast and for work: 4 ideas for a fit smoothie
A cocktail for breakfast, dinner, dessert, work and after training is a quick and healthy solution. It has one more advantage – it does not get bored, because we have dozens or even hundreds of ingredients to combine ingredients. Diet cocktails conquered the world a few years ago and they do not go out of fashion. Nothing unusual. Such a fit cocktail will provide the right amount of energy, refresh, supply the body with fiber and vitamins.

Cocktails, juices or smoothies?
For me, a smoothie or cocktail will always have an advantage over juices, even those freshly squeezed at home. Why? It is precisely due to the fiber content (we blend whole fruits or vegetables here) and the fact that when properly prepared, it can be an excellent meal supporting weight reduction. The juice itself, unfortunately, will not replace a meal, although of course it will be an excellent, delicious and valuable addition. The popular juice diets and fasting diets are not, in the long run, a good way to get slim.

What cocktail for breakfast? What ingredients should you use?
A properly balanced and healthy cocktail that we will treat as a meal will contain fruits and (or) vegetables as a source of vitamins and dietary fiber, fats (in my case most often from peanut or almond butter, nuts, seeds, avocados), complex carbohydrates, of which absolutely no you should give up on breakfast cocktails (bran, flakes, previously cooked porridge or quinoa – whole grain products are also valuable fiber for our intestinal microbiota) and protein (vegetable “milk”, preferably fortified with calcium, vitamin D and B12 in vegan diets or kefir , yogurt, skyr, skim milk in diets that do not eliminate animal products). Remember to read the labels when choosing soy, almond, rice and oat drinks. Unfortunately, many of them still contain sugar! And frankly speaking, you’re not making a dietary healthy smoothie to feed on refined sugar.

What is worth knowing that a breakfast account?
Below are 4 ideas for fit cocktails.

Three of the above mentioned criteria and go ahead and solve them for breakfast.
A green smoothie as the first meal of the day may be too light, but nothing is more refreshing and uplifting than this solid dose of oxidants, spring color and flavor. It is worth getting ready for the morning and for work. With a decline in fitness and frequency of sleepiness (at around 15), you will like me.
Cocktails and smoothies that you go to work should be kept in a transitional bag, ideally in a place in the refrigerator. You can add a few ice cubes to the water bottle.

Every day to go, allocate the refrigerator and just before eating.
You can also peel and slice some fruit in the evening (melon, pineapple, mango). Apples, pears, bananas just before writing because they respectfully mix and change color.
It’s worth experimenting with the consistency – add more water, plant-based “milk” or kefir to make smoothies a drink. Reducing the amount of rinsing, in favor of fruit (one will be given from each specific perspective – oranges, melons, berries) and flakes, e.g. oat or cooked quinoa), then she will have a really fresh smoothie that will be put in a bowl, decorated with nuts and fight like oatmeal.

What blender to use and how to store breakfast smoothies?
Preparing cocktails in four colors and flavors was an opportunity for me to test the new Kenwood SMP060WG blender. This equipment surprised me extremely – with its functionality, quality, dimensions, and above all, the discovery that it really blends like crazy. He definitely won with my huge blender, which from today seems to only mix soups.

Kenwood Smoothie 2go sport is great for frozen fruit, hard fruit (apples, pears) and even roasted nuts and seeds. I put quite a lot of ingredients into this seemingly small goblet and turned the knob uncertainly. You know how it is sometimes with blenders, they twist a little, mix what’s on the bottom, and then they suddenly stop, and if you don’t take the lid off and mix or add more liquid, there’s a problem. It went smoothly here. Quick. I don’t even know if it all took 30 seconds. After all, this baby has a 300 watt motor and spins as much as 20,000 revolutions per minute. This is a great advantage, but it will be a real hit now.

Smoothie 2go sport is a very clever blender, which is also a water bottle. The cocktail ingredients end up in the bottle – sliced ​​fruit, additives. You twist such a bottle, turn it upside down, insert it into the base of the blender, and after mixing the cap with the blade, replace it with the closure of a sports water bottle. The perfect solution – the blender cup is also a portable bottle, which means that you do not (of course) have to pour anything and dirty two dishes. You mix it, close it and take it with you. You can have a smoothie for breakfast and a cocktail for work or school at the same time.

The bottle is made of BPA-free tritan (bisphenol A – a harmful chemical compound used in the production of plastics), so it is completely safe in contact with food. Such a cup – the water bottle has a capacity of 600 ml, so you can make 2 portions of a smoothie in it. The set comes with two water bottles, so you can go crazy and prepare two different healthy smoothies or breakfast for four. The blender base is small and light, it does not take up much space, so today I know that this equipment will accompany us on trips. And what is very important – the closure of the water bottle is really tight and you do not have to bend over it so that it closes well (due to many years of training, I have processed dozens of water bottles and I know that tightening can be done in different ways). The water bottle and caps are dishwasher safe.


Cocktail for breakfast in 4 versions.
The amount of ingredients in each recipe is given for 2 servings. The preparation is always the same – put it into a blender and mix it. Time depends on how long you will peel and cut. At worst, it will take you 10 minutes. You can exchange the fruit – cherries, e.g. for strawberries, blueberries for raspberries or blueberries, choose your favorite plant drinks, it does not necessarily have to be soy or almond “milk” as in the recipe, add parsley, celery stalk, a piece of avocado to the green smoothie, a pear. The pineapple in the tropical cocktail is fresh pineapple and cannot be exchanged for the canned version.

One more thing – what is the difference between a smoothie and a smoothie, because we use these terms interchangeably quite often. It is assumed that the smoothie does not contain dairy products, and the cocktail does not contain any dairy products.

Cocktails for breakfast – recipes
Beet and cherry cocktail: tasty and nutritious
Portion: 263 kcal

Boiled or baked beetroot (peeled and chopped) 150 g

Cherries (partially thawed) 80 g

Peanut or almond butter 1 heaped tablespoon

Oatmeal 4 tbsp

Orange (peeled, divided into particles) 1 pc.

Almond milk 350 ml


Healthy Green Grape Smoothie – Fit Breakfast Smoothie
Portion: 152 kcal

Spinach 30 g

Green grapes 80 g

Lime, peeled ½ pcs.

Kiwi peeled 2 pcs.

Melon 100 g

Mint 2 sprigs

Teaspoon grated ginger

Sesame 2 tsp

Water 300 ml

Nutritious berry and banana smoothie
Portion: 357 kcal

Blueberries (partially thawed) 60 g

Medium banana 1 pc. – peeled, cut into pieces

Lemon, peeled ½ pcs.

Apple (can be with skin, without seed sockets) small 1 pc.

Oat or wheat bran 3 tbsp

Peanut or almond butter 1 heaped tablespoon

Soy milk or kefir 350 ml

Sunflower seeds (previously roasted) 2 tsp

An energetic and invigorating breakfast cocktail: Tropical cocktail
Portion: 375 kcal

Small ripe mango (peeled, sliced) 1 pc.

Pineapple (peeled, sliced) ¼ pcs.

Coconut milk 100 ml

Water 200 ml

1 tbsp. Coconut shavings

Pear (can be with peel, without seed sockets) 1 pc.

Hazelnuts (previously roasted and roughly chopped) 1 tbsp

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