Doctor Piotr Kardasz’s opinion

Diet supplement ProSugar® is an excellent combination of natural ingredients which, thanks to their biological activity, effectively increase glucose metabolism and reduce the level of blood sugar. ProSugar® is a non-substitutable product, rich in all vitamins, macro and microelements which allow to keep the body in an optimal physical condition.




Diet supplement ProSugar® is a plentiful source of natural vitamins, minerals and macro and microelements which help the body to work properly. Thanks to high amount of biologically active elements it helps sugar metabolism. ProSugar® helps to preserve required cholesterol level and reduces the temptation to eat sweets.


Professor Wiktor Stelmach’s opinion

Diabetes is one of the most active civilization diseases. In the short period of time it has multiplied almost five times. The main reason of such a situation is unhealthy food and sedentary lifestyle. ProSugar® seems to be an excellent solution to this situation as it effectively regulates carbohydrates metabolism in the body.


ico_bottleIngredients: extract of chicory root traveler 5: 1 (Cichorium intybus L.), extract from the leaves of the white mulberry 5: 1 (Morus alba L.), Powdered bark of cinnamon (Ceylon Cinnamonum verum), extract from the bean pods 5: 1 (Phaseolus vulgaris L.), ProSugar® (proprietary formulation, fenugreek extract stand. galactomannan content), galega medical extract 5: 1 (Galega orientalis Lam.), fruit extract maqui 5: 1 (Aristotelia chilensis) seed extract Spanish sage 4: 1 (Salvia Hispanica L.), an unmodified corn starch (bulking agent), silicon dioxide (solid przeciwzbrylująca), the components of the capsule (gelatin – component coating).


ico_capsuleRecommended intake:
1-2 capsules a day. Do not exceed the recommended daily servings. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute (replacement) of a varied diet.It should not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Store at room temperature, out of reach of small children.



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