PIURIF Formula C – Practical

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PIURIF Formula C Practical


Protect food contact surfaces against harmful germs. This product is ideal to clean your kitchen, pantry and the dining room. In all places where fat and other food residues make surfaces dirty. It quickly removes everyday stains and dirt, leaving the surfaces shiny and clean. Comfortable applicator is designed to provide a better access into tight corners and places.

MicroAdvanced™ ecological technology does not pose any threat to your health. Eating fruit, vegetables or bread, which was left on the cleaned surface, is completely safe to your organism. All because of useful bacteria which absorb germs even when you are having a rest, and indulge in eating. Because PIURIF was created for you to enjoy your life!

Directions for use:

Formula C is a concentrated cleaning product.

Use cold water for dilution. Apply as solution. Leave it on the surface for a moment. Rinsing with drinking water is obligatory in case of food contact surfaces*


Expiry date: The product prepared in such a way shall be used within approx. 30 days.


The product is not a substitute or alternative for dishwasher dedicated detergents.
Refreshing scent of citrus

*In that case rinsing with drinking water is obligatory (decree (WE) nr 648/2004 of the European Parliament and European Council of the 31st March 2004 on detergents, decree (WE) nr 1907/2006 – REACH and decree (WE) nr 1272/2008 as amended)


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