PIURIF BOX Formula A Uniwersalna

BOX Formula A Universal contains 3 products in the PIURIF series, which make the set unbeaten in the fight …



BOX Formula A Universal contains 3 products in the PIURIF series, which make up the set unmatched in the fight against dirt. You will appreciate it especially when cleaning all surfaces, windows and toilets.

Set contains:

Concentrate PIURIF Formula A Universal
PIURIF Formula A Universal Sprayer
Microfiber cloth for cleaning delicate surfaces

In addition, every person who is a member of DuoLife will receive a package of PIURIF leaflets together with BOX Formula A Universal


Cleaning has never been so easy. All thanks to the universal PIURIF product.

Formula A is suitable for cleaning any type of surface. Ideal for cleaning floors, toilet bowls, urinals, sinks, fittings, glazing, etc. No matter whether we are cleaning the desk, mirror, bath – does not leave stigma. The preparation reduces the slip factor on the floor surface and eliminates unpleasant odors. The systematic pouring of the used Universal A solution to siphons prevents odors. Neutral PH protects delicate surfaces such as marble and ceramics.

Regular use promotes the creation of an organic protective layer that systematically fights germs in your home.

The diluted product is completely safe for your skin.

Formula A includes the patented MicroAdvanced ™ technology, a selective array of natural cleaning bacteria. Thanks to them PIURIF cleaning turns into a real adventure.

The fun begins when your work is over, then the active bacteria start their battle with germs. Over time, useful microorganisms disperse the invisible carpet of purity, biofilm, which will make every subsequent cleaning will be even easier. Regular use of Formula A will change your home forever.

How to use

Formula A is a product in the concentrate.

Dilute with cold water.

Surfaces: Dilute the product with a spray from the PIURIF range. Spray the solution on the cleaned surface. Wipe with a cloth, sponge, brush, scraper or microfiber. Rinse if necessary.

Floors: Dilute the product. Apply by hand or with a brush. Rinse if necessary. In case of severe contamination of the floor, apply the product, leave for a while and wipe. Collect excess solution. Rinse.

The expiry date of this product is approximately 30 days.

Fresh smell of peppermint




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