PIURIF BOX Formula B Intensive

BOX Formula B Intensive consists of 2 PIURIF Products, which form the invincible combination in the…


BOX Formula B Intensive consists of 2 PIURIF Products, which form the invincible combination in the fight with dirt. You will appreciate it when you want to remove lime scale.

The set consists of:

  • Concentrated PIURIF Formula B Intensive
  • Spray bottle for the prepared solution of PIURIF Formula B Intensive

Every Club Member will receive the PIURIF leaflet set together with the BOX Formula B Intensive


Intensive Formula B removes even the worst dirt. It perfectly cleans: sinks, bath tubs, stainless steel taps, drains, toilets, showers, tiles, ceramic floors, acrylic surfaces, stainless steel worktops, glass surfaces. It removes soap residues and scale in a non-invasive way. It does not scratch the surface and is delicate to fitting/equipment. With Formula B you will keep the kitchen and the bathroom perfectly clean. This product easily removes dirt and stains, which seemed impossible to be cleaned, leaving nice and fresh smell.

The secret of Formula B power lies in the patented MicroAdvanced™ technology, which is completely safe to human skin. This chemical- and caustic-free product is safe for people and the environment.

It conforms to the provisions on cleaning food contact surfaces and utensils*

Directions for use

Formula B is a concentrated cleaning product.

Use cold water for dilution. Apply as solution. If necessary, allow it to penetrate the cleaned surface for a moment. Rinse with water.

Expiry date: The product prepared in such a way shall be used within approx. 30 days.


Do not to apply onto marble, carbonate surfaces and other acid-sensitive surfaces.

*In that case rinsing with drinking water is obligatory (decree (WE) nr 648/2004 of the European Parliament and European Council of the 31st March 2004 on detergents, decree (WE) nr 1907/2006 – REACH and decree (WE) nr 1272/2008 as amended)

Pleasant and universal smell.



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