BOX Formula D Piercing

BOX Formula D Piercing consists of 2 PIURIF Products, which form the invincible combination in the…

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BOX Formula D Piercing consists of 2 PIURIF Products, which form the invincible combination in the fight with dirt. You will appreciate it when you want to clean the fabrics, fitted carpets etc.

The set consists of:

  • Concentrated PIURIF Formula D Piercing
  • Spray bottle for the prepared solution of PIURIF Formula D Piercing

Every Club Member will receive the PIURIF leaflet set together with the BOX Formula D Piercing


FORMULA D is exceptional because of the enzymes produced by active bacteria, which help to clean a very dirty surface. It ensures cleanliness and freshness of your clothes, materials, lining and carpets, preserving their vivid colours. It is the best option for those who value clean and fresh washing. It does not contain chlorine-based bleaches.

It is white, coloured and dark fabrics friendly. It neutralizes odours, makes fabrics soft and helps to restore their vivid colours. This innovative liquid product removes hard-to-reach dirt and dust. It makes the fabric and material surfaces look new again.

Directions for use

Formula D is a concentrated cleaning product.

Use cold water for dilution. For better results, vacuum clean the surface before cleaning and after cleaning and drying. In case of upholstery and fabric-covered surfaces, always do a small test patches of the cleaning product.

Machine applied: Pour the solution into a washing machine tank, a washing vacuum cleaner, or an electric brush with carpet nozzle. Apply according to device manual provided by the producer. If a carpet is very dirty, apply the product onto its surface, leave it for several minutes, and then remove it.

Manual application: Dilute and shake to obtain permanent and stable foam. Brush the mixture over the surface according to the lay of the fibres, and then in the other direction. Use a soft brush. Leave the surface to dry for about one hour. Vacuum clean it.

Stain removal: Apply the solution with an atomizer, and allow it to penetrate the stain. Brush it or wipe with a dry cloth. Remove excess solution. Wait till it is dry. If necessary, rinse with clean water.

Expiry date: The product prepared in such a way shall be used within approx. 30 days.

Refreshing scent of fresh mint


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