What is aloe vera?

It is certainly a priceless treasure in the fight for our health. It may look like an agave. In warm countries and in its natural environment, it grows up to 5 meters in height. When grown at home in a pot, it does not exceed one meter in height. Aloe juice is rich in amino acids, minerals, vitamins and very valuable polysaccharides .. Due to its regenerative properties, it helps in healing even serious wounds.

Do you know that …

Aloe vera juice can be used to make a variety of ointments, creams and gels that help with a wide variety of skin conditions. It supports the treatment of skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis, and mycosis.

Aloe juice

Aloe was used as early as 5,000 BC. by all ancient civilizations. The first information about this plant is found on Sumerian clay tablets (around 1750 BC).

 This plant has many "nicknames", for example: green doctor, silent healer, desert lily, plant of immortality. There are over three hundred varieties of this miraculous gift of nature, but only twenty of them have healing properties.

 In ancient times, aloe was used as a perfume, which was used to perfume clothing and home accessories, as well as tomb cloth. It was treated as a symbol of life after death, it was offered to the deceased and decorated with graves and pyramids.

 The Egyptians claimed that the "green doctor" would provide them with eternal beauty and health, and thus eternal life.

What is natural collagen?

Collagen is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. Collagen is a biologically active protein that is the main component of connective tissue. It accounts for about 30% of all proteins found in the human body. The purpose of natural collagen is to bind together the building cells of the skin, bones, teeth, tendons, cartilage, blood vessels and even the cornea of the eye. The described protein has characteristic features such as incredible flexibility and strength. Collagen also protects internal organs such as the liver, stomach and kidneys by creating a natural protective layer around them. The role of protein in the immune system is to prevent the interference of microorganisms and toxins.

Do you know that …

Natural collagen has a lot of beneficial properties for our body, and the list of its beneficial functions is constantly growing. We already know what natural collagen is and what features it has, now it’s time for specific examples related to the protein of youth. Why did women love collagen? Natural protein supports the process of reducing wrinkles on the face, perfectly smoothes those under the eyes, while eliminating bags. It also smoothes the skin of the neck, while improving its pigmentation. It creates a water-retaining layer on the surface of the dermis, eliminates stretch marks, and also lifts sagging skin, and thus regenerates it and restores its elasticity. It makes the epidermis more flexible and soft, slows down the aging process of the skin, firms and moisturizes, helps in the fight against rosacea and adolescent acne.

In addition, it corrects skin defects, thus stimulating the production of natural collagen. It eliminates skin discoloration, smoothes scars, soothes inflammatory skin changes, improves venous and arterial circulation, eliminates: cellulite, the effects of abrasions, bruises, burns, prevents stretch marks, dilatation of capillaries (so-called spider veins). Firms the bust, accelerates rehabilitation after fractures, injuries and childbirth. It removes the effects of insect bites, corns, and is also a prophylaxis for “melanoma” type cancer, stops the process of alopecia areata, and provides relief from periodontitis. It helps with frostbite, regenerates the mucosa, eliminates trophic changes. It soothes bone, joint and rheumatic pains, affects the supplementation of the bone matrix, removes varicose veins, regenerates and strengthens the hair.

Natural collagen is a precious substance that our body begins to lack over time. Protein of youth is produced on an ongoing basis, undergoing constant replacement only up to the age of 25. After this period, the production of natural collagen begins to slow down and stops completely after the age of 60. In order to slow down the skin aging process, it is necessary to supply youthful proteins from the outside. There are substances that stimulate the production of collagen, as well as those that provide amino acids and di-, tripeptides that build collagen. Products containing valuable protein are available in the form of tablets, creams, ointments, gels and in the form of drinking. There are also many collagen-enriched products on the market, but the addition will not replace the missing deficiencies.

Opinions about natural collagen

The beneficial effects on the skin after introducing natural collagen into the diet are confirmed by the opinions of consumers. A noticeable difference in skin hydration is felt after the first use. Consumers of natural collagen, after prolonged use, mention all the valuable properties presented above in their opinions. The effect of natural collagen is also confirmed by the opinions of doctors who have been boldly using durable protein in aesthetic medicine treatments for several years.

The effect of chlorophyll on the body

Chlorophyll has a cleansing effect (supports the cleansing of the liver and intestines), removes toxins from the body, including heavy metals, regulates blood pressure and strengthens the circulatory system. It helps women to regulate their menstrual cycle. Supports the proper functioning of the thyroid and pancreas. It helps to neutralize unpleasant body odor. Systematic consumption of green pigment helps to strengthen our body and supports the functioning of our immune system. In addition, it has a regenerating effect, can affect cell renewal and helps to neutralize free radicals that are responsible for skin aging.

Chlorophyll – healing properties

Chlorophyll is helpful for flatulence, indigestion, heartburn, and intestinal gas. Thanks to it, we can alleviate many digestive problems, because chlorophyll has a beneficial effect on intestinal bacteria. It supports metabolic processes, thanks to which we are able to maintain the correct weight. Everyone wants to live in good health – chlorophyll is a substance that will help them maintain vitality. Chlorophyll can help cleanse the blood of all toxins and lower cholesterol. By consuming chlorophyll, we can help maintain the condition of the heart and blood vessels. The greatest advantage of chlorophyll is its beneficial effect on the digestive system, as it cleans the blood and lymph.

Chlorophyll is a valuable ingredient for people who lack the sun because they spend most of the day at work or are unable to go out and get some sunlight. Chlorophyll can also be beneficial for people who are tired and under constant stress. By consuming green cocktails rich in chlorophyll or liquid chlorophyll, we help to maintain the acid-base balance of body fluids.

Chlorophyll – application and action

It is used for sore throats, skin inflammations, and problems with joints. It can help fight varicose veins and ulcers. In addition, chlorophyll cleanses the blood and intestines, helps with bacterial and viral infections. It is worth using it in your menu. Supports the development of beneficial bacterial flora. It is increasingly used in cosmetics. Its appearance in the composition makes the cosmetic prestigious. It is a natural alternative to harmful and artificial colors. It is used in the production of soaps, creams, perfumes, and in color cosmetics. Ideally suited to creams for oily, combination, gray and tired skin – it will nourish, oxygenate and strengthen blood vessels. Thanks to its antiseptic properties, it strengthens the effect of deodorants. In addition, it perfectly moisturizes, affects faster regeneration of damaged skin, and makes wounds heal faster. Chlorophyll is an irreplaceable drug in improving the appearance of hair and nails.

Natural vitamin C or ascorbic acid?

Vitamin C is one of the most popular vitamins. The universal use of it and the generally prevailing belief that its appropriate dose can protect us from numerous diseases make it a permanent fixture in home first-aid kits of most Polish families. There is a lot of truth to this belief: vitamin C helps to deal with colds faster by stimulating our immune system. The most important thing, however, is to find natural vitamin C. Remember that what we buy in pharmacies is synthetic vitamin ascorbic acid, or L-ascorbic acid, and this vitamin C is not. In its natural form, vitamin C contains, among others rutin, bioflavonoids, tyrosinase or ascorbinogen. If any of these ingredients is missing, the effect, and therefore the activity of vitamin C, may be reduced. This is due to the fact that this vitamin takes place in the human body in a complex work process related to the supply of nutrients, enzymes, antioxidants, minerals and activators. For the whole process to be successful, a wholesome vitamin is required.

Do you know that …

Natural vitamin C is not only rich in all of the above-mentioned ingredients, but above all it is absorbed very quickly by the body, it is a nutrient necessary for the proper course of a whole range of organic functions. Vitamin C plays an extremely important role in the functioning of the human body. It takes part in the metabolism of tyrosine and the synthesis of adrenal steroids. It also influences the maintenance of the proper oxidative potential in cells.

Symptoms of vitamin C deficiency

Man does not produce vitamin C, therefore he must supply it with food or in the form of supplements. The symptoms of a deficiency of this vitamin include: weakness, fatigue, lack of appetite, tendency to bruise, loose and bleeding gums, difficulty in wound healing, pain in muscles and joints.

However, these are only part of the symptoms. In cases of significant deficiencies, it can even lead to scurvy, a disease that leaves considerable havoc in the human body, and in extreme cases even leads to death.

Remember, however, that in order to meet our daily requirement for natural vitamin C, it is not enough to eat one orange or drink a glass of juice. Due to the constantly decreasing content of vitamins and minerals in the fruit. That is why it is worth reaching for the appropriate supplements that will enable us to do this task. However, remember to choose those rich in natural vitamin C, and not a synthetic equivalent.

Only products that are natural fruit extracts, which are considered true “vitamin bombs”, can bring the expected results. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to those with acerola in their composition – this is a real treasury of wholesome vitamin C. One of its fruit contains as much vitamin C as a kilogram of lemons, which makes it one of the leading plants that make the skin elastic and prevent it from prematurely aging. It was this action that made vitamin C commonly also known as the “vitamin of youth”.

However, it is not only these fruits that contain levels of vitamin C. Another treasury of it are, for example, rosehip fruits, which additionally have a positive effect on the vitality of the whole organism, purify it and neutralize the contents in the digestive tract.

The undisputed winner in this regard, however, are CamuCamu berries, even called “superberry”. This plant is the undisputed record holder of the content of Vitamin C. Fresh Camu-Camu Berries contain 850-5000 mg of natural vitamin C in 100g, which is 2-3% of their weight.

Therefore, when deciding on supplementation, it is worth choosing products with only natural ingredients, because only such products are able to quickly replenish any deficiencies and guarantee us full absorption.

Morinda citrifolia

Morinda citrifolia is known in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and in Polynesia as “noni” or “Indian mulberry”. It is a shrub with a height of 10 m with small white flowers that bloom throughout the year. Morinda leaves are shiny, dark green, in the shape of a star. The plant is used not only in medicine but also in the production of natural paint. For therapeutic use all parts of the plant. Traditionally used in the treatment of cancers, respiratory diseases, urinary tract and in the treatment of diseases of the blood, alleviation of premenstrual pain, for the treatment of skin disorders of the digestive system, ascariasis (intestinal parasites, gastrointestinal tract, et al.). Leaves and roots have antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties. Animal studies have shown that the root extract of Morinda citrifolia acts analgetic. Fruits and leaves work antibacterial and ripe fruit great influence on the regimes pathogens – Salmonella and Shigella. The roots and leaves are used in hemorrhoids, venous hold-ups. The roots and leaves regulate the menstrual cycle. Therefore do not be used in pregnant women, because it can cause miscarriage. In addition, Morinda citrifolia has proven itself in the treatment of some cancers.

Morinda officinalis. It is generally used in Chinese medicine. Unlike Morinda citrifolia as an active part of the root is used. In Chinese medicine Morinda officinalis are used in the treatment of cancer, sexual dysfunction in males and females, rheumatism, renal and urinary tract. In addition, it is recommended that the disease beriberi, multi-joint inflammation, as a means enhancing fitness. Described is the effect of the root of Morinda officinalis increase of leukocytes and stimulate the endocrine system. The best results in the treatment of rheumatism., Kidney disease, multi-joint inflammation. Morinda officinalis calming effect and is known to be sedated. Chinese clinical studies demonstrate the high efficiency of this plant for the treatment of acute and chronic kidney disease, it has anti-inflammation of the multi-joint. Studies in mice have demonstrated an effect of the aqueous extract of the root of the number of leukocytes in the blood, the condition of the microcirculation of blood. Even in mice suffering from an artificially induced leukopenia white blood cell count returns to normal.

Morinda long been used to facilitate digestion and absorption of food in the treatment of respiratory disorders is influenced by the condition of the immune system. Morinda also positively affects the nervous system, stimulates the activity of the endocrine system, relieves pain of arthritis, improves skin condition and its regeneration.


They nourish the cells and influence the metabolism of primary cells.

Noteworthy action NONI as an analgesic and immune system enhancer.

Analgesic properties of the juice are so strong that it can be successfully used in pain accompanying serious diseases such as rheumatic diseases and even cancer.
It is no wonder that so rich composition NONI may show multidirectional.

long-term cleanses and detoxifies the body

supports the work of the kidneys, liver, lymph

It has a beneficial effect on the heart and the gut

a beneficial effect on the skin, bones and digestive tract

regulates the pressure.

Kahuna believe that the juice runs at the level of not only physical, but emotional and this action is the basis of healing.

The emotional NONI:

mitigates the impact of negative feelings

It helps to remove blockages from the past

It supports the development of positive thought patterns and removes negative patterns

It supports detoxification aura increases the strength of its radiation

reinforces 1, 2, 3, 5 chakra

contributes to the immediate relaxation after heavy and annoying transitions,

removes outdated liabilities that come from past lives.


type II diabetes

prophylactically and therapeutically in cancer, the chemotherapy and radiotherapy

multiple sclerosis (restores the missing pigment in the brain)

the changing moods of depression


with reduced immunity

in infections (bacterial, viral)

diseases of the digestive system

the problems of the respiratory system

in skin problems (used externally and internally)

in the case of allergy

in the presence of various types of pain

in heart disease

Remember that if you buy noni juice, see if he was not pasteurized or processed in another way. We require heating destroys enzymes and other nutrients beneficial to health.



Cholesterol – Cholesterol standard

Cholesterol – Cholesterol standard

What are the standard cholesterol? Contrary to appearances, the level of “good” cholesterol should not be any. Check how cholesterol is optimal, and when it begins to be risky and what follows.

Without cholesterol synthesis of vitamins and hormones in the body would be impossible. This organic compound is an essential for a man, but like all good things – in excess is harmful. Typically, cholesterol is present in the form of free and esterified chain fatty acids.

Standards cholesterol

Too low or too high levels of cholesterol in the blood leads to serious cardiovascular disorders. Therefore, during the test should be marked “good” HDL cholesterol and “bad” LDL (read more about the good and bad cholesterol). It is recognized two basic standards and cholesterol levels for men and women:
HDL cholesterol standard ( “good”) cholesterol – the higher values are better result

Standard males 35-70 mg / dl (0,9-1,8 mmol / l)
Standard women 40-80 mg / dl (1,0-2,1 mmol / l)

LDL cholesterol standard ( “bad”) cholesterol – lower values are better result

Norm: <135 mg / dl (<3.5 mmol / l)
Elevated level: 135-155 mg / dl (3.5-4.0 mmol / l)
Significantly elevated level:> 155 mg / dL (> 4.0 mmol / l).

If standards have been greatly exceeded, the cardiovascular system is severely compromised. It begins with the reduction of the holes in the coronary arteries, which is simply atherosclerosis. It should be immediately begin to heal, because the treatment is not implemented, it may end up heart attack or stroke. Elevated levels of cholesterol affects alcohol abuse, smoking and low physical activity. Trouble causes but also for the low levels of cholesterol. It may mean hyperthyroidism, liver disease, malabsorption and malnutrition foods.

Thanks to the standards of cholesterol and risk factors (family history, age, smoking, higher blood pressure), doctors can assess the risk of heart disease. In order to examine the concentration of total cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglyceride levels. During the test, total cholesterol is desired value below 200 mg / dL (5.17 mmol / L). The level is considered elevated to 200 – 239 mg / dL (5.17 – 6.18 mmol / L), and 240 mg / dL (6.21 mmol / L) and above the already high risk of heart disease.

However, you should also check the fractions of HDL and LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. You can check the actual quality of the fat that is sweeping our blood. Look to be even HDL, which is considered to be this good, which drains the excess cholesterol to the liver where it is broken down. As the highest level of HDL is considered to be healthy and effective in protecting against heart disease. LDL cholesterol in turn is worse. Lipoproteins circulating between the liver and other organs and tissues, transport cholesterol where it is needed. Often, unfortunately, the excess, which causes heart disease. By elevated levels is considered to value: 135-155 mg / dl (3.5-4.0 mmol / l) and increased significantly:> 155 mg / dL (> 4.0 mmol / l).

It is also important triglyceride levels. Less than 150mg / dL (1.69mmol / L) is the norm, while the level limit is 150 – 199 mg / dL (1.69 – 2.25 mmol / L). If we have 200 – 499 mg / dL (2.26 – 5.63 mmol / L) level is already high, and very high if it is above 500 mg / dL (5.64 mmol / L).

Is organic food really is healthier?

A recent study shows that organic food can actually be healthier than traditional. According to specialists, produced in a certain way more foods contain valuable nutrients and can therefore be advantageous to the organism.

How organic food is different from the traditional?
It is widely recognized that organic food is healthier than conventional, because of the way in which it is produced. In the case of organic farming does not apply pesticides and chemical fertilizers. In contrast, organic meat is produced without antibiotics or growth hormones. On the other hand, used in crops of organic manure such as manure and compost to enrich the soil with nitrogen. Commonly used they are also non-chemical methods of plant protection, such as crop rotation, mechanical weeding and biological pest control.

It is unclear, however, whether organic food really is better for health than traditional. Some experts have suggested that organic food provides more nutrients. However, in a number of previous studies on this topic have produced conflicting results. For example, in the analysis of the 2009 and 2012 not shown significant differences between the benefits carried by the products of organic and inorganic. However, these analyzes do not take into account the latest research, providing a much wider range of information.

Organic food source of antioxidants
In a recent study conducted by experts at Newcastle University in the UK have been taken into account 343 experiments which compared organic and inorganic foods of plant origin, such as fruit, vegetables and cereals, as well as foods produced from these ingredients. The researchers wanted to determine the differences in the content of vitamins and other nutrients between the two types of food. They looked at the level of harmful substances – eg. Pesticides and heavy metals.

We found that organic food contains a larger amount of antioxidants. These are substances that protect body cells from damage caused by free radicals – molecules that contribute to heart disease, cancer and other diseases. Examples of antioxidants are vitamin C, beta-carotene and flavanones. According to the lead author of the study, Professor. Carlo Leifert, by eating organic foods and products created from it, it is possible to provide the body with such a quantity of antioxidants, which can be found in 1-2 portions of fruit or vegetables.

But it also turned out that the inorganic foods have higher levels of one of the antioxidants – vitamin E. They also provide more protein and fiber. On the other hand, in the diet they had a higher level of inorganic pesticides and harmful metal – cadmium. However, their content was within normal limits.

Is it worth it to switch to an organic diet?
A recent study was much larger than the previous one. It was also carried out with greater caution. However, studies included in the analysis were different from each other. For example, some have focused on specific types of food holding while the other watched a food product available in supermarkets. These differences can make it difficult to draw conclusions uniform, increasing the likelihood of error.

From the last analysis it shows that although organic foods have more antioxidants do not know what it means for human health. The study did not appear that these substances can reduce the risk of disease. So far we know only that such a link is possible.

Compared to the food produced in a conventional manner, organic food may contain smaller amounts of potentially hazardous compounds such as pesticides, and more antioxidants. However, we still do not know how they affect health. So it is too early to recommend the use of an organic diet. Please note that such food can be much more expensive than inorganic. According to prof. Leifert, although the study shows the differences between organic and inorganic crops, should be performed in humans, which would show the real health benefits resulting from a change in diet to organic.

Collagen – what is it and how does it work?

What is collagen ?

Collagen is the basis of so-called. connective tissue, so you can say that his presence is determined by the overall condition of the body. What is the role of collagen? Collagen is a type of adhesive tissues. The collagen fibers which are present in the intercellular spaces, which are a kind of scaffold, without which the body would not be able to adopt a form and format.

Collagen is the protein known as youth – and so is indisputably. In addition to being responsible for elasticity and youthful appearance of the skin, determines the health and strength of joints. Collagen builds cornea.

It is a component of many cosmetics, is used in beauty treatments and rejuvenating. It is also available in tablets as a dietary supplement. Taking it in the form of means means comprehensive action “from the inside” that reinforces all the cells of the body.

What are the causes of the loss of collagen?

Around the age of 30 the mechanism of destruction and regeneration of collagen fibers becomes impaired. The process of breaking the fibers exceeds its production, and we are seeing the first signs of aging of the body, which gradually loses its firmness, and with time it becomes flaccid, rough and dehydrated. At the same time the internal organs of aging – which is also connected to a large extent the loss of collagen. These mechanisms are quite complex and still not fully understood.

Research continues and allow at once convenient and more accessible methods by which it is possible to accept collagen in cosmetics, supplements, or by invasive treatments. Also, you should be aware that the way of life, habits and diet treatments are also of paramount importance in the economy of the body’s collagen.

What are the consequences of deficiency of collagen?

Deficiencies of collagen occur mainly due to the passage of time, which results in skin aging. Deficiencies of collagen can be observed mainly based on changes that occur in the skin – due to the fact that collagen affects the vitality, the rate of regeneration, beautiful skin, and even mood.

Collagen is a protein which is approx. 30% of all proteins that build and organize the function of the human body. As research shows – most of collagen (90%) contains the eye, and skin it has approx. 70%. Thus, in a situation where there are skin problems and eye problems – might be interested in whether or not they result from the deficiency of collagen (although it may surprise us the importance of collagen for healthy eyes).

As all particles of the body, the collagen is subject to their constant replacement. In place of broken collagen fibers create new, and it is important that this mechanism will work in suitable proportions and keep the make up losses. Then there will be adverse consequences for us deficiency of collagen. This process occurs in the skin within one month, while in the bones takes him this year. The renewal of collagen important, almost crucial role of vitamin C and copper.

It should be aware that the effect of collagen deficiency may be:

– hair loss and loss of radiance,
    -diseases of the scalp;
   – brittleness and fragility of nails;
    -joint and muscle pain;
   – loss of resistance – increased susceptibility to infections,

A diet rich in collagen

It should ensure that the collagen is not lacking in the body. At present, you can be purchased in pharmacies formulations that contain collagen. Tablets of collagen are available without a prescription in most pharmacies. There are also agents which include not only collagen but also hyaluronic acid and beta-carotene – huge affect the appearance of the skin and improving the condition of the body.

Collagen is also present in food, but usually such that we consume rather reluctantly in chicken paws, organ meats, cartilage and natural gelatin. It should also be remembered that both the tablets with collagen, as well as foods rich in collagen must be taken systematically.