De-acidification of the body

De-acidification of the body

Era de-acidification

XXI Century passes under the sign of faster developing lifestyle diseases. More and more people suffer from diseases that bring considerable havoc in their bodies. All of these problems have their source and it is always associated with the genetic load, though, and the subject must not be underestimated. Ailments that affect the growing number of people, often because they are the result of significant acidification. If you often feel tired, we complain about the bad condition of hair, skin and nails, suffer from frequent headaches, dizziness and problems with joints and muscles, and also observe the particular vulnerability nainfekcje viral, there is a high probability that our body is acidic. There is nothing surprising in this, because it affects almost 85% of the people!

How de-acidification the body?

Let us remember that our body needs for the smooth functioning of the acid-base balance, because of this it largely depends on whether the processes that occur at the cellular level, are in line with our needs. These reactions need to maintain optimum conditions – including a pH. The natural pH of the blood is 7.35-7.45 – is thus slightly alkaline. However, factors such as poor diet or excess stress causes that this balance is upset. In the body there are acidic residues of metabolism, with which the body can not cope. It is then de-acidification of the body in the natural way. The deposition of these poisons causes severe changes in metabolism and impairs the immune system. Acidification is often treated as a myth and even underestimated, and this is what it often is the cause of atherosclerosis, diabetes, arthritis, heart and even cancer. This approach is all the more surprising that in the 50s was discovered and proven impact that has the level of acidification on the functioning of the immune system. Body in which this balance is disturbed, it is particularly vulnerable to parasites and fungi and many other measures. In the body-products we are able to undergo both acidification and alkalinization. Problems begin when the former prevail. Lack of physical activity, stress and fast pace of life are just a few factors that make our body begins to dominate acidic. The other should be a poor diet, rich in highly processed products, meat and beverages such as coffee, strong tea or alcohol. Let us remember that our body can cope with some problems, eg. Through increased excretion of C02 through the lungs or kidneys in exchange urea to ammonia, which binds some acids. However, when the level of acidity is so significant that they are not themselves able to handle it should take decisive steps aimed at making the fastest improvement in this state – de-acidification of our body. The fundamental step towards the restoration of acid-base balance is to change bad eating habits and adequate hydration of the body. By making conscious choices should focus on the introduction to our diet foods rich in sodium, calcium and potassium, because they have alkalizing effect.Save

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