4 things that destroy you more than unhealthy food every day

4 things that destroy you more than unhealthy food every day

I, too, was once convinced that taking care of your own health is about healthy eating and sports. Over time, I realized that this was not all. There is something else that has a huge impact on our well-being and health. It’s our way of thinking, the way we deal with stress, and how we care for our mental health. And I decided to write this post because, as I write on my blog: even the healthiest eco food will not help if you don’t take care of yourself and your head is full of negative thoughts. Are you worried that you ate the cookie? Are you counting calories carefully and have a feeling that you ate ice cream? Don’t have. Better take care of your mental health 🙂

What negatively affects your health?

Complaining and worrying

The more toxic and negative thoughts you have, the more your brain adjusts to this kind of thinking. Additionally, complaining is very contagious and damages the brain. Worry is also… an addiction. A good way to get rid of these bad habits is to practice gratitude, appreciate what we have, and enjoy the smallest things. And maybe it’s worth stopping to worry about things that are beyond your control? You know you worry about things that will probably never happen? And even if there is a crisis, leave yourself worrying for now. Why worry in advance, twice?

Being with toxic people

I once read a sentence like this: Getting rid of toxic people around you is one of the most important steps on the way to being happy. Such people should go into space. I did it some time ago and it really made my mental health fantastic. Think about why you need to maintain relationships with people who tease you, cut their wings, criticize or do black things, and keep complaining about how bad the world is? Begin to surround yourself with people who are positive and optimistic. Cultivate relationships with people who accept you and you know you don’t need to wear a mask with them.

Hatred and inability to forgive

If you hate someone, you are actually hurting yourself, not that person. Hate destroys you terribly from within. Therefore, forgiveness is an investment in yourself. You get rid of negative and toxic emotions. When it comes to forgiving, it is also worth considering whether you can forgive yourself and can you be understanding for yourself?

Disrespect for your own body

I’m too fat, too skinny, my nose is too big, my hips are too wide… there is always something wrong and you keep whipping yourself. Turn off your inner critic. Recently, I read about how we are masters of criticizing and bullying ourselves đź‘€ We still do not like something and there is always something wrong. The way we see ourselves also has a huge impact on our well-being and mental health. Take care of yourself and try to look at yourself with a kind eye. Remember that you have the right to make mistakes and you won’t be perfect. Ideals are boring. Lack of acceptance of ourselves and our own body means that we do not care about our health. Instead of complaining and focusing on your imperfections, try to be thankful that you are healthy and that you can get out of bed in the morning on your own.

As you can see, these seemingly simple tips, but not so easy to introduce them into your life. However, changing your thinking and attitude to life is a process. Give yourself some time

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